At UVFAB Systems, Inc. we strive to assist our partners and customers to perform their manufacturing, marketing, research and development functions effectively, thereby enriching the lives of people worldwide.


To manufacture, distribute and support best quality and most reliable UV technology equipment for manufacturing of semiconductor, solar and medical devices.

At UVFAB Systems, we partner with corporations and educational institutions worldwide to attain higher levels of success in the global market place. We approach this challenge on two fronts.

We assists international manufacturers in exporting and importing their products throughout the world. UVFAB looks for innovative companies seeking new customers worldwide, and offers them broad expertise in sales, marketing, logistics, financing, R&D, manufacturing, installations and support. UVFAB helps to introduce their products to the market, and guide them in unfamiliar market environments in order to take full advantage of opportunities which often they would have missed.

We help our customers locate high-quality products in order to enhance their competitive position in the marketplace. These products may be manufacutred in the same city or half way around the world. We can proficiently bring products to new markets in a wide variety of ways. Whether importing goods and supplies from overseas, or exporting American made products to foreign countries, the objective is to provide the best possible solution for our partners and customers.

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