UVA Lamps

Blacklight Blue and Blacklight Lamps

Low Pressure Mercury Arc Blacklight

UVFAB® provides three types of UV-A lamps; Blacklight Blue Lamps, Compact Blacklight Blue Lamps and Blacklight Lamps.

These lamps efficiently emit near ultraviolet rays at 315nm- 400nm which have strong photochemical and fluorescent effects. They have special deep blue filter glass which absorbs visible rays and transmits near ultraviolet rays. There are two types of phosphor used with radiation peak at 352nm and 368nm, respectively. A few of end-user applications include tests, inspections, examinations, and investigations in various fields, as well as for stage illumination in theaters and nightclubs, advertisements and sign boards.

UVA Lamp Applications

  • UV Curing
  • Fluorescence Illumination
  • Fluorescence Analysis
  • Laboratory/Research
  • Photochemistry
  • Chromatography
  • Phototherapy
  • Dermatology
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Inspection
  • Detection
  • Insect Luring
  • Fluorescence Display
  • Special effects in theatrical presentation

Blacklight Blue Lamps

LampWattage (W)Length (mm)Diameter (mm)BaseCurrent (mA)Wavelength (nm)UV Output (W)Avg. Life (hours)
F4T5BLB4134.515.5G5162352, 3680.4, 0.54000
F6T5BLB6210.515.5G5147352, 3680.8, 0.94000
F8T5BLB828715.5G5170352, 3681.3, 1.44000
F10T8BLB1033025.5G13230352, 3681.55000
F15T8BLB1543625.5G13300352, 3682.65000
F18T8BLB18588.525.5G13370352, 3683.75000
F30T8BLB3089325.5G13365352, 3686.35000
F40T10BLB401,19832.5G13420352, 3688.15000

Compact Blacklight Blue Lamps

LampWattage (W)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)BaseCurrent (mA)Wavelength (nm)UV Output (W)Avg. Life (hours)
FPX5BLB5281385G23180352, 3680.75000
FPX7BLB72813115G23180352, 3681.05000
FPX9BLB92813145G23180352, 3681.45000
FPX11BLB112813215G23155352, 3681.75000
FPX13BLB132813170GX23285352, 3682.05000

Blacklight Mercury-Arc Lamps

Like BLB lamps, these lamps emit a highly concentrated radiation between 315nm and 400nm. There are two types of phosphor are used with radiation peak at 352nm and 368nm, respectively. These lamps are mostly used for attracting and trapping insects, luring lamps, photosensitization and photochemical reactions.

LampWattage (W)Length (mm)Diameter (mm)BaseCurrent (mA)Wavelength (nm)UV Output (W)Avg. Life (hours)
F4T5BL4134.515.5G5162352, 3680.53,000
F6T5BL6210.515.5G5147352, 3680.93,000
F8T5BL828715.5G5170352, 3681.43,000
F10T8BL1033025.5G13230352, 3681.54,000
F15T8BL1543625.5G13300352, 3682.64,000
F20T10BL20588.532.5G13360352, 3683.74,000
F40T10BL401,19832.5G13420352, 3688.15,000

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