Wafer Expander

TEX-21 Series

A wafer expander is a tape expansion device that expands diced wafers uniformly in the X and Y directions, expands the chip spacing to any gap specified, and significantly improves chip handling after dicing / singulation.

EX Series “Wafer Expander” is a tape expansion device that can attach diced wafers together with dicing tape in an expansion stage, and uniformly spread chip spacing / street width to a specified width.

After expansion, the grip ring (automatic pinching of the inner ring and outer ring) holds the tape in the expanded state.

[Wafer Expander TEX-218G]

System Specifications

Model Wafer Size Footprint
TEX-21BG 6 inches (150 mm) compatible 340 mm (W) x 600 (D) x 350 (H)
TEX-218G 8 inches (200 mm) compatible 400 mm (W) x 690 (D) x 350 (H)

Systems Features

  • Expansion rate can be set by user.
  • The expansion speed can be set by user.
  • Hot plate mounting stage enables high expansion rate.
  • Automatic grip of the expanded film with the grip ring.

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