Wafer Mounting Systems

Wafer Mounting Systems

Our wafer mounting systems laminate tape/film to wafer and dicing frames without bubbles prior to the singulation/dicing process. Repeatable and stable process of wafer mounter improves the yield.

We offer a wide range of wafer mounting equipment from R&D to semi-production. Please see our product offerings listed below.


For dicing
It laminates the dicing tape on the back for holding the chip after dicing the wafer.

For DAF (Die Attached Film)
It laminates adhesive tape (DAF) for fixing to the substrate before die-bonding chips.

For protection (Back Grinding)
It laminates the tape for protection circuit to protect the surface when grinding the back of the wafer
for thinning of the wafer.

– Support tape ( film )
Dual purpose equipment for normal tape and pre-cut tape.
Dedicated equipment for normal tape.
Dedicated equipment for pre-cut tape.

– Wafer size
Available in 12 inch (300mm), 8 inch (200mm), 6inch (150mm).

The wafer mounter is available in the following four basic series, with selectable functions
and wafer sizes.

・FM-224 series (manual)
・FM-334 series (semi-automatic) : Small table-top
・FM-664 series (semi-automatic) : Both pre-cut tape and normal tape support
・FM-903 series (semi-automatic) : Dedicated for normal tape

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