Semiconductor Wafer Expanders

UVFAB’s Wafer Expanders are used for expanding wafers after the singulation or dicing process. This prevents die edge chipping during shipping or the pick and place operation. We offer both manual and automated expanders to provide a cost effective, simple to operate systems.

A wafer expander is a tape expansion device that expands dicing / division wafers uniformly in the X and Y directions, expands the chip spacing to any gap, and significantly improves chip handling after dicing or singulation. Since the street width after wafer dicing is very narrow and chips interfere with each other can cause chipping, therefore handling of wafers becomes very difficult.

We offer various wafer expanders, each of which can be selected according to requirements, such as a manual system, a 12-inch motor-driven expander, and an expander with an auto-cut function.

After expansion, the grip ring (automatic pinching of the inner ring and outer ring) holds the tape in the expanded state.