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- R. Buckminster Fuller

Our Customers

UVFAB® Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of UV-Ozone Cleaning Systems for the Semiconductor Manufacturing, Electronics, Nanotechnology, Medical, Aerospace and Optical Industries. Our innovative engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques have made our products the top choice for leading corporations, R&D facilities and educational institutions worldwide. Our UV-Ozone Cleaners are designed in California and manufactured in USA.


I’m going to start by saying the HELIOS-500 UV ozone cleaner is brilliant. It is small but works incredibly well. I’m making micropatterns on coverslips and putting these in a tissue culture plate to seed hESCs. This cleaner helps with the procedure and with disinfecting all the materials used. My cells can’t use media with antibiotics, so I need to be as clean as possible to avoid contamination. The UV ozone cleaner does the job and is very user friendly. You just set the time you want for UV exposure and click start. It’s simple and efficient, while also being very light so I can move and carry it around easily. It’s also more affordable than other UV systems, so all in all, this is a great purchase that I highly recommend!

Dr. S. WolffUNC School of Medicine

One of the best companies we have ever worked with for our R&D lab equipment. Great products and excellent customer service. The HELIOS-500 system has been working for a few years without any problems for our surface treatment applications. Very compact and affordable.

S. AminiUC Berkeley