Compact UV-Ozone Cleaner

Compact Tabletop UV-OZONE Cleaning System

Model ProCleaner PLUS

The ProCleaner™ PLUS is a UV and Ozone cleaner designed to remove molecular levels of contamination to achieve the cleanest possible probes and surfaces. How does it work? A high intensity mercury vapor lamp generates 254nm light which cleaves the bonds of organic molecules on the surface. Strong emission at 185nm converts atmospheric oxygen into reactive ozone, which attacks the small molecular fragments and creates volatile organics.

This compact UV-Ozone Cleaning system features a 4” x 5” (100mm x 125mm) sample stage area and boosts UV and ozone production using a custom synthetic quartz lamp. Operation is as simple as placing your samples in the chamber, closing the drawer, and setting the timer. This system features a safety interlock switch to protect users from UV and ozone exposure during the cleaning process.

The ProCleaner PLUS model features a 25% larger UV lamp for greater ozone production and faster cleaning compared to the standard version.

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