MODEL UV-312 (12″X12″)

The UV-Ozone Cleaning System removes organic contaminants from work surfaces and can also be used for surface modification. This system for dry cleaning requires no complicated structure and is best used in final cleaning steps for removal of trace organics.

System Features


  • Equipped with a high-density, ozone-producing UV grid lamp
  • Variable distance between the UV light source and sample stage
  • Uniformly clean up to 12″x12″ samples
  • Low-temperature wafer cleaning
  • Small, compact foot print
  • Very easy to operate
  • Applicable to both double-side and single-side cleaning
  • Simple operation with a safety lock function
  • Drawer loading mechanism
  • Built-in exhaust fan
  • Built-in process timer, purge timer and UV lamp hour counter
  • Cleaning Silicon and Silicon Nitride AFM/SPM Probes
  • Ultraviolet Curing of UV-adhesives
  • UV photo-patterning of SAM surfaces
  • Cleaning Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) chips
  • Cleaning Quartz Crystal Micro-balance (QCM) sensors
  • Wafer Cleaning
  • Surface Oxidation and Preparation
  • Improving Surface Hydrophilicity
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Preparation for Thin Film Deposition
  • Surface Patterning and Sterilization
  • Cleaning Lenses and Optics
  • Bonding and oxidizing PDMS
  • Cleaning MEMS and Glass Devices

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