TC-350H – High Performance Wired Temperature Wafer Sensor (-50°C to 350°C)

The Instrumented Wafer (Thermocouples, Bonded Wafer or RTDs) finds application in semiconductor processing equipment where knowing and controlling the temperature at the surface of a wafer is critical.

These Temperature Wafer sensors are being used in many industries including semiconductor applications such as Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP), Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA), Post Exposure Bake (PEB), Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), ION Implantation, Solar Cell, and many other thermally driven processes.

We have the expertise to design and install our thermocouples on a large range of substrates including Silicon, AlTiC, Glass, Ceramic and other supplied Bare, Coated, or Patterned substrates. Other custom substrates, shapes and sizes available also.

The TC-350H uses the smallest possible sensing elements to reduce thermal mass and increase the response time of each sensor. The material used to fabricate the sensors is carefully chosen for the highest possible accuracy and greatest sensor to sensor uniformity.

This design finds application where knowing and controlling the temperature at the surface of a wafer is critical. Most manufacturers embed their sensors within the wafer’s core. This product focuses its measurement at the wafer’s surface where the most vital processes occur. In using this product you can expect faster and more accurate response times resulting from the most accurate placement of the sensing elements.

While these products are typically used throughout the semiconductor industry, this technology can also be used to measure the temperature uniformity of any other two dimensional surface.

The TC-350 wafer products employ Thermocouple technology to produce the most accurate and reliable temperature readings.

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