Wafer Mounting System

334 Series

The 334 series wafer mounter is ideal for diversified tape application and lamination conditions. This model meets user requirements for manual operation that is automated for only critical application work and that allows for user-settable application conditions and quantitative control of quality.

System Features


  • Automatic lamination under pre-set lamination conditions
  • Compatible with various kinds of tapes and films
  • Variable lamination pressure
  • Variable lamination roller speed
  • Built-in circular tape cutter
  • Built-in horizontal tape cutter
  • Built-in automatic separator winding mechanism
  • Can be customized for non-contact surface lamination
  • Can be customized for hot wafer chuck
  • Can be customized for measures against static electricity
  • Compact, light-weight, and table-top type
  • For dicing process
  • For DAF (die-bonding film)
  • For back grind (BG) film
  • For functional film
Available Models
FM-3343For dicing process with normal tape only
FM-3343-DFFor die-attach film lamination and dicing of normal single 2-layer tape (DAF with dicing tape)

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