Wafer Mounting System (Semi-Automatic)

664 Series

This model was developed for both pre-cut and normal tape.
The industry’s first universal wafer mounter, it not only serves as a dedicated wafer mounter for pre-cut or normal tape, but can also be adapted for the following applications.

Mode FM-6643 : 300mm (12 inch) semi-automatic wafer mounter
Mode FM-6648 : 200mm (8 inch) semi-automatic wafer mounter

System Features


  • User-settable parameters, including lamination pressure, speed, and temperature
  • Variable lamination pitch for normal tape
  • Tension-free lamination
  • Bubble-free lamination
  • Can be customized for non-contact surface lamination
  • Equipped with measures against static electricity
  • Compact, light-weight, and small-footprint type
  • For dicing process with both pre-cut and normal tape
  • For dicing process with pre-cut tape only
  • For dicing process with normal tape only
  • For precut two-layered tape (DAF with dicing tape)
  • For normal two-layered tape (DAF with dicing tape)
  • For single DAF tape
  • For back grind (BG) film
  • For front-protection film
  • For rear-protection film
  • For functional film (resist film, CSP film sealings, underfill film, and others)

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