Wireless Wafer Temperature Sensors for the Semiconductor Industry

This is a unique wireless wafer sensor attaches to the top of a standard silicon wafer for fabrication process monitoring. It is less than 5mm thick, so it fits in wafer processing chambers and other critical semiconductor fabrication equipment. This wafer temperature sensor has 9 ultra-small, high-accuracy RTD sensors that are adhered to the surface of the wafer, giving you better accuracy than a wireless thermocouple wafer sensor (TC wafer sensor). Ideal for any remote temperature monitoring application that requires a high level of precision and accuracy with 2 to 9 high precision temperature probes. User configurable sample and transmit rates as well as event triggered rapid sampling conditions give the user powerful insight to prevent failure conditions.

    • 3-wire RTD connection supports long cables while maintaining temperature accuracy during rapid heating.
    • The entire sensor is rated to operate up to at least 125C (257F).
    • Readings as fast as every 3 seconds for each of the 9 sensors.
    • Field replaceable batteries.
    • Data logging capability onboard when not linked to a wireless communication gateway.

This wireless sensor is ideal for monitoring:

  • Silicon wafer processing
  • Temperature chuck testing/verification
  • Scientific experiments
  • Paint and coatings curing
  • Temperature profiling over a surface
Wireless Temperature Sensor Wafer

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