UV-LED Spot Curing System

Control up to Four UV-LED Curing Heads Independently

UVFAB’s high-intensity spot-curing system features all the benefits of LED-curing technology in a much smaller, more versatile unit. This system is comprised of a controller with a foot switch and up to four LED heads. LED heads are available in 365, 385, 395nm and 405 nm which can be outfitted with either the 3, 4, 6 or 8mm diameter focusing lenses. LED heads and focusing lenses can be used in any combination and individually controlled. Individual exposure times and intensity settings can be set for each LED head, giving users maximum curing flexibility

UVFAB LED spot-curing systems generate curing energy using high-intensity UV-LEDs instead of conventional metal-halide or mercury-arc lamps. The relatively narrow wave band of energy emitted by UV LEDs results in cooler substrate temperatures compared to traditional UV lamp systems, making them ideal for curing thermally sensitive materials. UVFAB LED UV curing systems offer many energy and cost-saving benefits, such as no warm-up period, lower energy consumption, no bulbs to change, and more consistent wavelength and intensity output for better process control.

In addition to the curing flexibility, this system also features an easy-to-use control interface that allows flexibility in setup and use of the unit. The spot curing system can be activated by foot pedal or by the user interface.

System Features


  • Lens Size: 12mm diameter
  • Round Spot Size: φ1.5mm, φ3mm, φ4mm, φ5mm, φ6mm, φ8mm, φ10mm, φ12mm, φ15mm, φ20mm
  • Rectangular Spot Size: 3x12mm,4x16mm, 5x20mm
  • Adjustable UV Intensity: 0-100% (dimmable)
  • UV Light Intensity: up to 9900 mW/cm2
  • Instant on/off; low power consumption
  • No Filters required; no replacement lamps
  • Available in 365, 385, 390, and 405nm wavelengths
  • Cooling Method: Aluminum body with natural air cooling
  • Supply Voltage: 7.5-36 VDC
  • Power Consumption: 50VA
  • Footprint: 166 x 100 x 138 mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 5.5 lb.
  • Hard disk assembly (Read-write head packaging, gold wire fixation, bearing, coil, chip bonding, etc.)
  • Assembly of motors and components (Wire, coil fixed, coil end fixed, PTC/NTC components bonding, protect transformer core)
  • DVD/Digital Camera (Lens, lens pasting, circuit board reinforcement)
  • Sensor production (Gas sensor, photoelectric sensor, optical fiber sensor, photoelectric encoder, etc.)
  • Assembly of cell phone components (Camera lens, receiver, microphone, shell, liquid crystal module, touch screen coating, etc.)
  • TFT-LCD pasting and packaging of LCD panel FPC
  • UV LED light curing application of PCB
  • UV LED light curing application of Optics Series
  • Optical element assembly (Lens group, prism, DLP optical engine assembly, CCD, COMS)
  • Optical communication industry components (All kinds of glass packaging structures are bonded or sealed, the fixation of tiny components, etc.. Such as PLC Branching Unit, WDM, AWG, etc.)
  • UV LED light curing application of Research Institutes
  • Medical device and medical accessories LED UV light source curing application
  • Capacitive touch screen adhered to curing
  • UV encapsulation and curing application of laser

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