Light Curing Applications

Electronics Assembly

  • Wire tacking and coil termination
  • Screw locking
  • Fixing of components on PC boards
  • Tamper proofing adjustable components
  • Repair of PC Board coating
  • Components sealing and protection
  • Forming and potting of components
  • Conformal coating of PC boards
  • Masking of PC board holes before wave soldering
  • Bonding wound cores to PC boards
  • Securing transformer ferrite E-cores
  • Curing of form-in-place gasketing


  • Lens assembly and optical component bonding
  • Optical fiber connections; tacking and splicing
  • Fiber optic cable coating
  • Fiber optic cable alignment/splicing
  • Bonding cover glasses to microscope slides, photodiodes, filters, solar cells, etc.

Printing & Coating

  • Instant silk-screening
  • Coating of golf club heads and private label logos
  • Doming applications on pins (medallions, badges and tokens)
  • Splicing 36-millimeter movie film (editing)
  • Touch screen coating
  • Printing numbers on wire insulation (marking)
  • Curing inkjet printing on latex gloves
  • Curing of hardwood and other floor coatings
  • Curing of labels using Sony UV curable printing ribbons
  • Curing of coatings for countertops, sinks and tubs
  • Narrow web press printing and coating
  • 3D printing post-curing

UV Inspection

  • Strobe UV synchronized to fast conveyors shows damages on the prints or other surfaces. The frequency of the strobe can be adjusted
  • Luminescence/Fluorescence activation
  • Penetrant dye crack detection
  • Inspection of correct hand scrubbing techniques (When the hands are placed in the cabinet any remaining lotion will fluoresce under the ultraviolet lamp, demonstrating the flaws in the hand washing technique)


  • Semiconductor die conformal coating for moisture protection (hermetic package)
  • Wafer masking
  • Wafer contamination inspection
  • Exposure of UV adhesive tape for wafer back-grinding, etching & dicing (see Furakawa UV tapes)
  • Wafer polishing inspection

Consumer Products

  • Bonding and tacking in mobile communication and other electronic devices
  • Jewelry manufacturing
  • Finger nail polish curing
  • Curing of assembly adhesives for plastics, glass, metal and wood

Materials Processing

  • Resurfacing of car and subway windows
  • Bonding of heavily plasticized PVC, thermal plastics (Polycarbonate or ABS)
  • Corrosion resistant and anti-fouling coatings
  • Protective coating of plastics


  • Contact lens molding/forming
  • Dental appliances (Denture modifications at dentist office)
  • Dental ceramics (alumina) accelerated aging


  • Curing of clear plastic clamshells for consumer merchandise packaging
  • Corrugated carton printing and coating